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Smith's Bait and Tackle / NC
On Line Directory and Tackle Store

Official Boating Magazine of Canada Bass Boat Magazine NOT JUST BASS BOATS

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Official CPR Taxidermist  American Fish Taxidermy

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Canada Fishing Guides Home Page
Here you will find the Finest Fishing Guides in the World.

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If you do not find a fishing guide or charter for an area you wish to fish contact me and I will find you a guide or charter. The search is FREE of Charge. To busy to do the search, just contact me and I will send you a list of guides for any area of the world.

Canada has searched the four corners of the world, to bring you, "The Fisherman" the best fishing guides and fishing charters..All aspects of  fishing are

Article - Canadian Shore Lunch

Article - Places to Find World Record Muskie

Article -  The best Lake for a 50" Trophy Muskie

covered. We have guides for each Province, and also listings by species.We have links to guides and charters for all types of fishing..

We also provide Fishing links to other fishing information such as National &  Local Weather listings. Links for fishing regulations, licensing, clubs and fishing information are located location specific pages rather than one seperate page, so all information is at your disposal for each location you are surfing for information. Example:

We also do fishing trip research for the Canada and many countries which includes, Guides, Charters, and local regulations, maps and access points. There is a fee for that service. $10.00 per hour of  research

Support  BFHP by shopping at our General Store. You will find every day products, like clothing, shoes, Gourmet Foods, Cigars, Fishing Tackle, Hand Bags, Duffel Bags, Air Fair from and much more. We also list books from and Barnes and Noble... Order Books and magazines from our links to help support the site. Check Back often for new Countries and new information .. this site is always on the grow. As always.. is a Free Use Site.  ....Jim Dicken/Webmaster/Owner

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Description: Freshwater Fishing related information which includes freshwater fishing, tackle, bait and fish species.

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  \ Owner Catches A Trophy Walleye
 Caught at Green Island Lodge in Canada


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Great Site for State Specific, Hotel, Motel, Information  / OWNER

Tide Tables and Charts

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Canadian Hotels
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This organization helps soldiers wounded in the war on terror, and the families of soldiers killed in action.

Canada Fly Fishing Website

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Bass Digest
Articles on Tackle and Travel  

World Record Bass
Articles and Travel

Outdoor Central Articles and News on the Outdoors

Kenai Fishing Lodge
State by State Outdoor Activity Directory

Ultimate Fisherman Directory - Surplus Guns and Ammo Your home for surplus ammunition, guns and firearms.

Canadian Directory

Soldotna Accommodations
Salmon Sockeye
Salmon & Halibut Recipes

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